Saving the "Badger-2med"

Most people have never heard about my favorite place, let alone the David Vs Goliath fight that has taken place to protect it.

The Badger-Two Medicine, in Northwest Montana, is situated along the eastern flanks of the Rocky Mountain Front. The 165,000 acre area is bound to the south and west by the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area. Glacier National Park is directly to the west and north west, but separated by Highway 2. The 25 mile northern east boundary is shared with the Blackfeet Nation. With a few minor exceptions, the entire area is administered by the U.S. Forest Service, Lewis and Clark National Forest. The area remains largely un roaded and wild.

The Badger-Two Medicine Area is shown in the center of this map with the cross-hatching.

Sandwiched between Glacier National Park to it's North, the Blackfoot Nation to the East, and the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex on it's South and West sides - there is no place on earth like the Badger-Two Medicine.  

The Badger-Two Medicine is my backyard.


The "B2M" or "Badger-2Med" is critical habitat for the endangered Grizzly Bears, the Canada Lynx, East Slope Cutthroat Trout, as well as home to healthy populations of elk, mountain goats, bighorn sheep and deer.

The entire area is designated as the Blackfeet Cultural Heritage District under the Historic Preservation Act, and is the Ceded area of the Blackfeet Tribe. The Tribe retains certain legal and cultural rights within the B2M. The Tribe and its members along with the public at large, are therefore affected by the management and future long term conditions of the area.


A land, most deserving of protection.

As part of an ongoing campaign to retire what are arguably illegal oil and gas leases, it is critical that we are able to show others what the lease areas look like.

Here are some photographs that show the Badger-Two Medicine area, of the Rocky Mountain Front, Montana.  

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