Photography Inspiration from a "Friend"

Photography Inspiration comes from all kinds of places. Even from people you may not know. Sometime in early April 2016 I received a letter in the mail. I checked the address, it was from a person I did not know. What makes that worth a blog post?  This was a handwritten letter from a "friend" I'd never met.

Joe's thank handwritten thank you note.

Joe's thank handwritten thank you note.

The envelope contained several postcard photos. On the back of one was a handwritten note. It read,

Thank you for being such an inspiration!
Seeing your work has inspired me to use my voice & platform as an artist, to be an advocate for Hunting and Conservation.
Thank You!
Joe Mannino"

There was also an invitation to attend Joe's, Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition in Greenville, North Carolina.

Joe's postcard invitation
Joe's postcard invitation

I'm often asked about what I did to "make-it" in the photography world. Most of the time I reference something very simple, like, "I just do what motivates me."

Thank you Joe Mannino,