Mindshift Rotation 180, Photography Backpack - Thoughts From the Field. . .

While I was home briefly, I made some time to take the MindShift Rotation 180 photography backpack to the field for an authentic, live test. The Mindshift Rotation 180 backpack was developed though a crowd soured model - very cool concept!  Think Tank is the parent company to MindShift and the Rotation 180 is really a new concept in photography backpack systems.  I call it a system because that's exactly what it is.  It's a backpack, fanny pack, and tripod carrier all in one. Best of all, it works! A lot of thought must have gone into the developing this pack. I have a pile of packs in my house, most get used a few times then thrown in a pile or loaned out. Not the MindShift Rotation 180, this one is staying with me! The striking thing about the pack is that it's intuative. It's designers managed to put the right gadgets in the right places. . .  Nothing on the MindShift Rotation 180 is out of place or unnecessary . . .  It's the first photography backpack I've worn that simply works as described.

I spend a considerable amount of time carrying heavy loads on my back. It's imperative that I use a system that works. The MindShift Rotation 180 photography backpack just works, period.  It's an awesome product that I think changes the game. It is truly as the product name itself suggest, a "mind-shift."

Here are a few of my thoughts on the MindShift Rotation 180 backpack. In this video, filmed from the top of my home territory, Glacier National Park I'll show you a few of the elements that I like most about the Mindshift Rotation 180 backpack.   I'm proud to say that I know where the MindShift Rotation 180 is going to reside from now on!

Montana Photographer

Tony Bynum