old man of the hills

It's not the photograph I went looking for, it's better!

I always try to have a plan for my photography adventures. Part of my plan is to always have a backup plan because when you're dealing with mother nature, you never know what she's going to hand you from one day to the next. Sunday morning my plan was to search for some unique landscape photos that included animals, I call them "room to roam" photographs. Essentially they are landscape photographs with small animals or at least the focus is on the animal in it's natural habitat. Room to roam photographs are my favorite of all to shoot, but they are also the most difficult to do well. In any event, I knew I was not going to get anything good because I physically could not get to where I wanted to be. So, here's where the backup plan comes into play.  Plan "B", always answers the question, "what to do if plan A does not work."  For me plan "B" means watching the light. No matter what, light is THE most important element of nature and outdoor photography - bar none! I'll have the debate with anyone, anywhere, at any time . . .

So, as plan "A" began to deteriorate, I made a decision to go to plan "B". Plan "B" was to get someplace - really anyplace - where I would have a chance at seeing the morning light reflecting off the mountains and clouds  no matter if there was an animal available or not - the goal was to just to get to a place where I can shoot the reflecting light off the mountains for 5 minutes. . .

Here's the results . . .

rocky mountain front

Having a plan "B" once again saves the day!  I'm starting to wonder if plan "B" should become my new plan "A?" Hmm, give that some thought!

Sincerely, Tony Bynum

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