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The Holy Grail of Photography In one Quote - Antonin Kratochvil changed my mind. . .

I finally found what I think is the holly grail of photography in the words of Antonin Kratochvil - "You should never use camera to make your pictures. You use yourself, your experience, to make the pictures with the camera. Not the other way around."

For years I've been trying to put this concept into words.  I've always told people that I don't study other photographers work because I felt it diluted my vision.  I always wanted to think of my photography as unique and my own.  Antonin Kratochvil just changed my mind. Watch this short interview with Antonin Kratochvil, him images are impressive . . . his last words are most important!

Think about it!

Do you have a photography hero?

Sincerely, Tony Bynum