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Drones, Photography, get your footage before it's too late!

I have to share an article about drones and photography, but before I do, I'll make a comment or two. After using drones on and off for about a year now, I can say that they offer an amazing new way of capturing a scene or event that before was only the domain of the most elaborate and well funded productions. Today, we can film for about the cost of a mid range camera. But this new tool is creating a lot of controversy and there's a lot of questions being raised about their use. For the record, I'm all for using them in just about every legal application imaginable! The word legal though is where everything gets hung up. drone filming two men on beach

I've been watching carefully as the future of drones and photography becomes more evident.  It seems like just about the time something new and innovative comes a long the system finds a way to put binders on it. This is the case with drones and photography. I can honestly understand all the fuss, privacy issues, noise, liability, etc, but it seems like the future is to tell everyone, "NO" in order to protect everyone from what could be a hugely useful tool.

It seems to me that because no one can manage it, the system is trending toward, "no one should have it."  It's kind of like our freedoms.  It seems like we are moving farther from a free nation mainly because freedom is too dangerous.  I dislike very much the though of our freedoms being taken away due to the stupidity of a few.

On the other hand, we do have to protect the innocent, it's a fine line. As for drones more specifically, I say get out there and get filming before it's a crime. . .  Just so you know, it's already is a crime in some places, so be wise before you fly. I think Alaska has implemented some new rules, and I know the national parks are banning them as we speak.

I though you might like to read this NYT article about drones and photography.  I found it very interesting.

Before you go check it out, please let me know your thoughts on the use of Drones for photography and video capture and outdoor media!

Sincerely, Montana based outdoor photographer, Tony Bynum

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