Record Breaking Snow - East Glacier Park, Montana

East Glacier Park, Montana winter's are notoriously long. Snow drifts as deep as a backyard swimming pool and hurricane force winds are as normal as heat in Arizona. Deep snow, days of sub-zero temperatures are no surprise, they're expected. The weather on the east-side of Glacier National Park, also the Blackfeet Indian Reservation is brutal, just ask anyone who's spent a half dozen or more winters here.

By most standards winters here are as long as a pregnancy. Snow can linger in the shade until June. Over the dozen or so years I've called East Glacier Park my home, I've seen, in one year or the next, snow on the ground every month of the year.  

So when the news is reporting a, "major storm" in some other part of the country, we pay attention because we like to know who else in the Nation may share our lifestyle. Unfortunately, what's breaking news for most, is life for residence of the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana.  

As if that description of our winters was not bad enough, this winter was a bit different, a little more dramatic. Instead of getting our snow spread throughout the winter, half of it fell in four days. 62.5 inches as recorded by some friends who live a few blocks away - I trust them, they're kinda weather fanatics and know how to accurately record snowfall. 

I was gone while it piled up. I returned just as the snow stopped. Here's what it looked like, and here's what I did about it! 

Watch this time lapes as I move 60" of snow in about two hours (no telling what model snow thrower this is - Bubbles say's I'm not suposto tell. This video was watched more than a quarter million times on facebook.  

Enjoy the rest of your winter, I know I will, how much worse can it get - right!