12 Photography Gadgets I use and love

  • Cotton Carrier - worn on the chest it allows me to be mobile while packing a camera.

  • Custom USB thumb drives by USB Memory Direct I store portfolios and image files on them and give them away. The one I now have is a real bottle opener -  my clients keep it handy!  

  • Panasonic Eneloop Professional rechargeable AA batteries. Panasonic finally figured out how to make rechargeables that hold a change and have more power than standard alkaline! After a year, these batteries still have 80% of their power!

  • Eyelead Sensor Cleaner. Nothing I've ever used works better or is more simple to use one you know how to use it. It’s tricky, but it’s worth it!

  • Custom 100% cotton rags. Old high-quality bed sheet torn up to make rags.

  • Large gear twist ties - these things are cool I use them to secure things to my pack and to hold small flashes to branches or poles.

  • Portable micro tripod. Usually used to hold a flash, I couple it with the gear twist ties when needed.

  • Corded mini charger strip with USB ports. Enough said.

  • Two types of outlet converters so no matter where I go around the world I can get juice.

  • Headlamps. In every box or bag I own. I like Petzl, but you can't go wrong with the cheaper Princeton Tec.

  • Extra caps for lenses, and camera.

  • Handheld luggage scale. This is the one I use, it’s been all over the world and still works great!